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Other Services

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We provide other services for ceremonies and rituals. Contact us to enquire about possible services unmentioned.

慈悲三昧水忏 Samadhi Water repentance ritual.

It is a ceremony involving chants and prayers to purify the past sins made during life and wash away the deceased soul allowing the soul to attain a better reincarnation. It is believed that this ritual also reunites the soul and its ancestors. This also creates merits for the living family. The ritual emphasizes the importance to bow down and repent, which allows liberation of one’s heart enabling one to face Karmic retributions with a peace of mind and gain freedom from its sufferings 


Gong Teck is a memorial ceremony that serves the purpose of celebrating the life of the deceased by creating merits for their ancestors and showing respect and gratitude to their beloveds. We commemorate the peace and success of the passing of a deceased on this very day. Gong Teck is usually conducted on the 49th or 100th day, or on the 1st or 3rd year anniversary. Grand and generous food offerings are presented alongside lighted Joss – sticks and paper offerings, before the Ancestral paper house. Chants and prayers are carried out to bless the soul with a smooth journey to the netherworld. 

Need to pre-plan?

We know that planning for a funeral is not an easy topic to talk about, and it’s not something that anyone would enjoy. However, having pre-plans for funeral arrangements will eventually be required as death is unavoidable.

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