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What you should do when a death occur?

Stay calm, call 8668 4488 (24/7 Helpline), our experienced Funeral Director will assist you.

We will appoint an experienced funeral director who will assist you in obtaining and clearing from all required authority and throughout the whole funeral service.

Obtaining a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)

Arrangement for the deceased to be shifted to our office for embalming and dressing.

Death Certificate & Permit for Cremation or Burial.

Application for void deck usage permit (if wake is to be held at HDB void deck)

All preparation and arrangement to receive the deceased and the casket when we send to the venue of the funeral wake.


List of Police Posts

List of Town Councils

About Coroner's Case

In cases where there is no doctor to certify the death, the police will arrange for the body to be sent to the Mortuary@HSA (located at Block 9 Singapore General Hospital). The police IO will inform the family when to go to the Mortuary@HSA. Be punctual and bring along both the IC of the deceased and informant, and also all medical documents and medicines relating to the deceased.

At the Mortuary@HSA, the police IO will arrange for the family to view and identify the deceased's body in the presence of the Coroner.

The Coroner will review the case and determine if an autopsy is required. The family will then be informed of the Coroner's decison and the time to claim the body for the funeral.
24/7 Service Call: 8668 4488 immediately and we shall guide the family step by step in funeral arrangement.
Burial, Cremation & Columbarium
Mandai Government Crematorium

- Cremation Fee - Adult - $100
- Cremation Fee - Child below 10 years - $50
(Fees are payable to National Environment Agency)

Mandai Government Columbarium

- Booking Fee of Single Niche (niche allocated by sequential basis) - $500
- Booking Fee of Single Niche (niche selected by own choice) - $750
- Booking Fee of Double Niche (niche allocated by sequential basis) - $900
- Booking Fee of Double Niche (niche selected by own choice) - $1,150
(Fees are payable to National Environment Agency)

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