Taoist Funeral Service - Parlour Package

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Taoist Funeral Service - Parlour Package

  • Casket (selected model)
  • Embalming, Dressing & Make-Up
    • (clothing to be provided by next-of-kin)
  • Pall-Bearer Services & Funeral Hearse
    • Collect deceased from hospital or home
    • Transport to our office for embalming
    • Send deceased and casket to Parlour
    • Book cremation slot and arrangement
    • Funeral day pall-bearers and hearse transport
  • Aircon Funeral Parlour
    • Tables and chairs with toilet facilities
  • Taoist Priest Chanting (add extra $200 if Hakka Taoist Priest is engaged)
  • Paper House x 1 unit
  • Gold and Silver Mountains x 1 pair
  • Paper Servants x 1 pair
  • Clothing Chests x 2 units
  • Funeral Decoration, Setup and Backdrop
  • Taoist Funeral Decoration and setup (Kwan Peng)
  • Funeral Lanterns
  • Photo Enlargement
    • 1 enlarge photo with 10" x 12" wooden frame
    • 6pcs passport-sized photo
  • Photo Flower Wreath
    • Standard size 11" x 13" Pom Pom Flower
  • Transportation
    • 1 aircon bus transport to crematorium and back (45-seater)

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