Straight case - Direct Cremation - S$1,300.00

This package is inclusive of standard selected casket, shifting from hospital, dressing the deceased (with clothes provided by next-of-kin), funeral pallbearers and hearse. This package is suitable for those who prefer not to hold a wake. A short memorial service can be conducted at the service hall of the crematorium before the cremation.

The cremation fee is not included in the package. The cremation fee for Mandai Government Crematorium is $100, payable to National Environment Agency.

Refreshments and drinks are not included in the package, they are supplied on a consignment basis.


Cremation fee only

The cremation fee is not included in this package. 

Mandai Government Crematorium - S$100.00

Kong Meng San Phor Kak See Monastery - S$321.00

Tse Toh Aum - S$428.00

Additional (if required)

Buddhist Chanting - S$300.00

Joss Praying items

(small package) - S$180.00

Additional Requirement

Kindly speak to our Funeral Director, there will be no charge for any services and consignment items, not used or rendered.

Installament Plans

At this point of time of grief, we totally understand the situation, our friendly Funeral Director / Planner will assist you to ensure all necessity and all needs and requirement is fully attended and taken care of.

You Are Not Alone

Our company will assist poor families, in this moment of grief. Please speak to our Funeral Planner / Director for all arrangement.

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